About Us

Church Building Consultants Realty – Your Best Real Estate Broker for the Church

  • Experience: brokered over 50 church ministry properties
  • Mission: Understanding and appreciation for the unique needs of religious organizations
  • Carefulness: Lee has been an attorney and full time real estate broker over 27 years.  He serves on the board of directors for his denomination in the midwest.
  • Knowledge: Dennis is an MBA having served as the land developer/designer/builder for over 100 Chicago area churches. He also holds a BS in Construction Engineering.


This website is the marketplace for church and school buildings in the Chicago area.

CBCR is the largest Church building Broker in the area. We have posted hundreds of church and school buildings by their geographical area in the region. We know the church building market.
No other real estate broker measures up to our depth of specialty experience to serve you better. Don’t entrust your churches most expensive asset to a novice agent or broker. Church building and non-profit, tax-exempt real estate is unique, and your success depends on our expertise and service package.
We offer much more than the typical commercial broker. Nearly all church building buyers will visit our site and contact us. We can evaluate the market price of your building. We have personal contacts with Denominational offices. We know the Churches that are planting churches from outside the local region. We work with many growing churches interested in finding bigger or better facilities. And we network with private investors who renovate church buildings. This network is growing to serve your church transaction faster and more efficiently. We can work with you privately and discretely
We have been in the church facility business in the Chicago area for decades. Lee Dominguez has been a full time real estate broker for nearly thirty years and has been an attorney. He has facilitated the sale of scores of church and ministry buildings. Dennis Ehrman, a real estate agent, has designed and constructed commercial buildings since 1973, and has specialized in church and school finance and lending, planning, design and construction for twenty-three years. He has worked in church zoning, renovation, land subdivisions and consolidations. We can help you with zoning issues, and determining the feasibility of buying and renovating a different use building. We can help you negotiate a win-win purchase. We are familiar with tax law advantages for church contributors of real estate. We can help you buy and sell real estate discretely, and sound out potential dealers. We can help you predetermine your budget, loan and payments allowed in this present banking situation. We can help you help others to buy your building with self-financing.
We also have a network of associated specialists we can call on your behalf when they are needed – bankers, bond agents, appraisers, structural engineers, construction estimators, land surveyors, title companies, inspectors and other specialists.

Church Building Consultants Realty – Your Best Real Estate Broker for the Church.