Expanding Your Church Boundaries

It is critical to plan ahead to be ready to act when surrounding real estate becomes available. Many church and non-profit organizations aren’t prepared and lose once in a generation opportunities when an adjacent property comes on the market. We can help you formulate your long-range property expansion plans, identify and prioritize surrounding parcels, estimate possible purchase prices, arrange to pre-authorize trustees to make offers, and anticipate and identify contingencies.

Church Building Consultants Realty understands the how churches and non-profit organizations operate and has a plan to help you through the process of offering, and closing on the real estate, evaluating its worth to the church, and getting the title off the tax roles.

Good stewardship involves proper planning. Be sure your organization is prepared when an opportunity is presented. A visual plan can help cast a vision for your core members. Church Building Consultants and Architects can prepare your expansion plans to explain the vision to your congregation.