Buying Land for Churches

Finding a new site for your church

It’s been said the earth’s surface is 2/3rds water, and the rest is for sale.  But as you consider various properties and filter the options through your grid of requirements one property will clearly rise as the best choice for your ministry.   

Over the past 25 years Church Building Consultants, Inc. has been helping churches in the planning, design, financing and construction of new church facilities, Church Building Consultants, Inc. has been involved with helping scores churches select the right sites.   

The goal of the site selection process is to help your congregation be happy and successful on the new site, and serve the long-term needs of your church.  Time and again God has led his people to the right site, and by faith you rely on Him to come through for your church too.  And He does expect you to use sound mind investing decisions.  It is important to know, when selecting a new site for your church, that the feasibility of a site is not limited to the lowest price of land.  There are many factors to be considered together.  The best options will become evident to everyone.   

This endeavor is extremely important because of the impact it will have on the future generations of the church.  Our services will save you a considerable amount of time, will help you to consider all aspects of selecting the right piece of property, and will keep you from making costly mistakes.   

Church Building Architects can prepare your land and site development plans to explain the vision to your congregation, so they will support your plans and help find financing.

Locating Potential Sites

Due Diligence Study

Factors influencing whether a site is feasible. Church Building Consultants Realty can help you with a thorough Due Diligence Review of the sites you find to have the greatest potential for your site.  

Offer To Purchase

We will help you with an “offer to purchase” contingent upon any issues such as: 

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